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Michael Dardanes is co-owner of Elemental Yoga and the Mind Arts. Within the studio, he teaches Visualization, Meditation, Lucid Dreaming, The Artist's Way and weekly Yoga classes.


At age twenty four he began an intensive five year study of Metaphysics. His studies and work led him from Chicago to Springfield, Missouri to Fort Worth, Texas. Michael's study in metaphysics combined with his drive to put what he is learning into action resulted in monetary success and happiness with every career he pursued.


Even in the careers which weren't inherently dharmic, he brought an attitude of showing up strongly and doing his best. This approach toward his life and his work eventually resulted in partnering in Elemental Yoga and teaching select soccer to children through his own LLC.


No matter where you are in your career or your life, Michael can guide you toward greater fulfillment. He can lead you up the path of receiving the most from that which you are already doing or aid you to take a leap of faith into a new step in life. Michael is receptive and direct. He's clear and kind. Investing in coaching sessions with Michael will aid you to clarify your life vision, awaken sleeping potential, and take tangible action steps toward your desires.  

Coaching with Michael - 5 Sessions

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