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Our Fort Worth Yoga Classes

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Elemental Yoga studio's traditional style includes mindful movement from posture to posture with attention to breath throughout the whole class. When you perform something slowly, it engages a much higher percentage of fibers in a grouping of muscles. Instead of speed and repetition, we stick to the discomfort of long held poses and invite the student to go deeper into their weak points rather than moving away.

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Slow Yoga

A meditative yoga experience that prioritizes relaxation, mindfulness, and gentle stretching over intense physical activity.

Fort Worth Yoga Teacher


A dynamic and physically challenging experience that focuses on building strength, endurance, and flexibility with long hold times.

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Breath & Meditation

A 20 minute seated breath and meditation class- a breath sequence called the 4 purifications followed by meditation.

Stretches For Lower Back Pain


Learn the building blocks of safe and correct alignment and break down asymmetrical preferences in a challenging class.

And then there was a little more about our yoga class types!

Fundamentals In person only (60 minutes) - A beginner's track exclusevly at our Fort Worth Yoga studio. However, seasoned practitioners or beginners alike will find this class interesting for those looking to review alignment, small muscle activation, and increase attention toward imbalances between left and right, front and back, upper and lower body. In several postures, we will practice the weak/tight side twice to bring the body back toward balance.

Slow Flow In person and online (60 minutes)- Therapeutic, deep stretching, light strengthening, bolsters, straps, blocks, deep relaxation. 
Strength All Levels In person and online  (60 minutes)- Elemental Yoga Studio teaches a "sneaky strong." We should trademark this! Class is always slow. We aren't doing a bunch of sun salutations, but we are hitting several strong poses with long hold times to strengthen the core and tone the body all over. 

Strength Intermediate In person and online  (60 minutes)-
This is strength class 2.0. We basically do MORE strengthening postures at our Fort Worth Studio and for those online. We do longer sequences on one side before resting or switching sides. The warm up and cool down are shorter in this class. 
Breath, Meditation, Movement In person and online (60 minutes)- Class is split between gentle movements, breathwork, and meditation. 
Breathwork and Meditation Online Only (20 minutes)- A brief practice you can tune into from home, approximately 12 minutes of breathwork and 8 minutes of meditation. Staple breathing practices are the four purifications. 

Therapeutic In person and online (60 minutes)- This yoga class places a special emphasis on the spine as well as opening up the major joints of the body for greater freedom and mobility. Great for those with limited movement and newbies.

Class Schedule

Available on a membership or drop-in basis.

Attend online or in-person.

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