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Yoga Teacher Training

A message from Brynn:

"Everyone in life is on a spiritual path. It is impossible not to be. There are an infinite amount of ways to live a spiritually fulfilling life. I choose the path of yoga. I believe in its comprehensive methodology: a science for connecting mind and body, a universal approach, and an empowering one. The consistent practice of Yoga helps one to find and become themselves. 


At the core of yoga is compassion for all attitudinal dispositions. Yoga meets one where they are and shows them the next step to get to where they want to be. I feel humbled to have found such a pure and complete discipline as well as to have studied under many great teachers. 


If you want to be on this path too, we can walk together. The Elemental Yoga Teacher Training Program is as much a personal and spiritual development program as it is a training. I recommend this program to anyone who is looking to take their next steps and wants a method and a community to be accountable to. We all need it. I also have a community that holds me accountable. 


Elemental Yoga is held within the tradition of Classical Ashtanga Yoga as handed down by Baba Hari Dass. When you attend this training program, you can be sure that you will receive time tested methods dating back thousands of years. We are passionate about teaching people not just how to move, but how to breathe, how to chant, how to study, how to sit for meditation, how to dream. 


I want you to come on a journey with me. If you do, I will do everything I can to help you look inside yourself and translate that back out to the world in an authentic and relatable way."

Our Program

Elemental Yoga is a registered school with the Yoga Alliance and offers a 200 and 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program. We are traditional in what we teach and modern in how we teach it. We take pride in the yoga teachers that graduate from the Elemental Yoga Teacher Training Program.


At Elemental Yoga we teach Yoga as a whole science - addressing body, mind and spirit, practical and esoteric. We strive personally and professionally to refine our minds and purify our hearts. We equip you as the student with the necessary tools to eliminate the excess and put your attention one pointedly on the important parts of your life and  that which aligns with your dharma. The Elemental Yoga Teacher Training Program is as much a personal and spiritual development program as it is a yoga teacher training. This program is for anyone looking to take their next steps who wants a method and a community to which to be accountable. 


When you attend this yoga teacher training program, you will receive time tested methods dating back thousands of years. We are passionate about teaching people how to move, how to breathe, how to chant, how to study, how to meditate, and how to dream.

Not only will you receive an extensive methodology for physical and mental health, you will be given the space, tools, and opportunity to integrate and teach each aspect of what you are learning. Your experience will be personally transformative, practical, and comprehensive.

Our Lineage

Our Fort Worth Yoga studio is proud to be in official collaboration with Mount Madonna Center in Santa Cruz, CA. This center was founded by Baba Hari Dass, a silent monk and teacher who has built spiritual communities in India, California, and Canada. His teachings center around spiritual discipline, yoga, service, and love. In the Elemental Yoga 200 hour and 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training, we comprehensively cover the practices of Classical Ashtanga Yoga as inspired by Baba Hari Dass of the Mount Madonna Center. 

Lead Teacher


Brynn Byrne Dardanes

Brynn is an E-RYT 500 and C-IAYT Yoga Therapist. She has taught yoga for 17 years. She has more than 2,000 hours of training and 10,000 hours of teaching. She has been on staff for over 22 Yoga Teacher Training Programs. She is a devout student of Baba Hari Dass.  

Interested in joining? Complete our application today to get started on your Yoga Teacher Training!


200 Hr Program

Foundational Training

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300 Hr Program

Advanced Training

What others have to say about our program:

"Elemental yoga is the most authentic, loving, peaceful yoga studio I’ve been to. I want everyone to experience what I had the joy of experiencing! I really didn’t know what to expect going into training. I hadn’t been practicing yoga long at all and jumped into the opportunity...little did I know my life would be forever changed in the most beautiful ways. You don’t just learn about the physical part of yoga in this training, but also the mental. Lots of pranayama, lots of mediation... lots of cool things I wasn’t even aware existed...every day I could see my life changing with the power of these tools. I will say at the time I didn’t realize it...but after a few months I could see my mind becoming more open, my body becoming more spacious, and how I started to fall in love with life. Beautiful, loving people to be surrounded by and so much encouragement, but also the energy you feel after Brynn’s class. It makes you want to take what you’ve learned and share it with every soul you know. I am eternally thankful for elemental yoga and so thankful for the wisdom brought into my life and the peace into my heart."

Natalie Y.

“This training has greatly helped me to develop my own practice and to expand it with new techniques including chanting, prayers, mudras and education in Ayurveda. It opened my mind to a lot of questions I would have never asked or thought about regarding health and spirituality. The training incorporated not just physically how to be healthier but food-wise how to nourish myself on an elemental level. It has made me more confident. I feel mentally, physically and spiritually stronger. Even if someone does not plan to teach, this training is a deep learning process. It’s not something I paid for and it goes away. It is something I plan to incorporate into my life forever. Lastly, Elemental Yoga is a safe place. The other students and teachers became my friends. It’s not just a training; I also had time to bond with the people I was learning with. For anyone that wants to become more connected with like-minded people, this has been a healthy and supportive environment.”
Victoria P., Student

“Brynn and Michael approach Yoga in a serious but never boring manner. They lead with consideration and flexibility, consistently making complex teachings simple and accessible. The teachings and goals of yoga weren’t unreachable, but felt close to us. Throughout the training program, I felt as if I was rediscovering the world. Every class had an element of surprise: we continually paved the way together from basic to more advanced. Elemental Yoga has a very personal approach to Yoga. It doesn’t just feel like a training but also like joining a community. It is a deep training and a deep study. When we are there we travel to another dimension. Whoever takes the training will receive on many levels: mentally, physically and spiritually.”

Alessandra F. 

“Attending the Elemental Yoga Teacher Training Program helped me to balance my mind and emotions. I learned my own body and how to take better care of myself. Understanding the basics of Yoga has also helped me to perform other exercises more effectively. Since the training program I am better able to process my life. I stay centered through meditation as well as breathing mindfully through stressful events. This training will open a door for people to become more spiritual. It will help with anxiety. It will help with public speaking. It will help with self-confidence.”

Tony H. 




“I really enjoyed learning the different Yoga postures and working in small student teaching groups. Receiving feedback from the other students gave me a variety of perspectives and helped me to become a better teacher. I learned a lot about the body. Being in the training helped me to stay healthy, take care of myself and stay in a consistent exercise routine. I was able to relate to others who also want to be healthy and stay balanced. I appreciated starting with the basics and slowly progressing through each of the postures. Since the completion of the training program I have continued to integrate the breathwork, meditation and chanting. I have found these to be very healing for the body and mind. Now I feel fluid and fluent in teaching. I am able to focus on my students while I teach and provide modifications. I have taken the teachings from the program and effectively simplified them for myself and my students.”

Kelsey C. 

"Life changing. This is the only way I can describe my yoga teacher training experience with Brynn Byrne. Not only did I learn the fundamentals of teaching yoga, but I also delved deeper into myself and gained a greater understanding of who I am at my core. Throughout this transformational experience, Brynn gently and gracefully created a supportive container to guide students through the program. Brynn’s dedication to the practice of yoga and her passion for sharing this practice with others shines through in all that she does. Her depth of knowledge about yoga philosophy paired with her years of experience teaching and practicing yoga make her an exceptional teacher who engages the mind, body, and spirit of every student she teaches. Taking this teacher training was one of the best decisions of my life and I am forever grateful that I gave myself this opportunity."  

Mel Navarro, LMSW RYT, Sr. Project Coordinator at MHMR of Tarrant County

"Brynn's level of understanding and experience with yoga is unparalleled to any teacher I have known in Fort Worth. She models integrity and the heart of the teachings in all that she does. Her teaching style is patient, thorough and methodical. In the teacher training, I made life-long friends and profoundly deepened bonds with people I had already known in my life. I have never felt so content, healthy and empowered as I felt during the 6 months of the training. Not only did we gain a deep level of understanding yogic postures, proper alignment, breath technique, and how to build inner strength, the training offers a high level of spiritual teaching as well. Both the physical and spiritual teachings given in this training are provided with a level of excellence that is only possible with an expert teacher, with thousands of hours of careful practice and study. This is Brynn. Of the multitude of training opportunities in the Metroplex, Elemental Yoga's Teacher Training would be my first choice over and over again because of the depth of Brynn's knowledge and ability to teach with clarity, precision and excellence. She teaches yoga as a science of the body, mind and spirit. Other outstanding benefits of the Elemental Yoga Teacher training are the opportunities for continued education, apprenticeship, employment possibilities and sustainable spiritual community. You will always have peers along side you, collaborating and working together as friends and fellow students. I give this training an A+ and recommend it to anyone desiring to study yoga as a science that can be practiced as a lifestyle for sustainable right-action, personal fulfillment, and service to the world."

 Analiese Hill, Entrepreneur

“Without Yoga, I’d probably be on antidepressants. But since I found Yoga in 2020, I have changed so much- I have the confidence to chase the life I want. I am equipped to survive amongst the chaos because I now know it is supposed to be messy. Yoga gives me the peace of mind to lay on the pillow at night and know life isn’t easy but to  trust that the universe is going to take care of it. I am still maturing. I know that change is a process that takes years. But I feel like I am speeding up the maturation process with my Yoga work. I am making healthier choices i.e. drinking less, eating healthier and at home, reducing my salt intake and practicing intermittent fasting. It’s the small sprinkles of change that make me most excited for what is to come!"  

Samantha McCarty, Copyright Editor

“Since I completed the yoga teacher training program, I have continued to prioritize my sadhana- daily spiritual practice. This includes meditation and a breath series called the four purifications. These practices have been such a gift. To quote Maya Angelou, “Freedom is never free.” Daily sadhana is a path to freedom. It is not free. I must attend to that experience of discipline with devotion. I am very grateful to have learned this. I have confidence that what I have learned will always be with me. It is a shift or change in the way I live. I remember at the beginning of the training program we were asked, “What brought you here?” Back then I lived with an underlying level of anxiety. I was looking for a peaceful inner continence. Now I realize that through this process I no longer succumb to an anxious baseline. I am more settled and content with who I am and with my purpose. This training program has been a valuable experience for personal development that aided me to realize my personal goals and develop a truer path to living a life that is full and free and focused.”   

Mary Reid, Occupational Therapist

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