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A Hidden Gem in the Urban Environment

Elemental Yoga is dedicated to offering slow, breath centered, therapeutic classes.

That is the foundation of everything.

Within that foundation, we offer a lot of variety- Strength, Slow Flow, Meditation and Breath-work, Therapeutic, Intermediate &Foundations.

If you have struggled for a long time to find a yoga class that feels like the net effect is steady muscular toning, nervous system relaxation, mental detoxification, and a deeper connection to Self and Soul, then we might just be an amazing fit for you.

Let me describe a little bit about what the studio feels like when you come here. It’s like a pilgrimage. You go on a journey just to arrive in the practice room.

You start in the parking lot… but really waaay before that. Because you had to coordinate your schedule and commitments to carve out this time for yourself. When you do finally carve out that sacred time and go through your ritual of at home prep, getting in your car and driving anywhere from 5-20 minutes, you eventually arrive in the parking lot.

The parking lot in itself is unremarkable. But that is the beauty of the hidden sanctuary in the urban environment.

Once you start looking for the studio, you will notice a few things: the upstairs windows with the words Elemental Yoga printed in yellow letters, the green bench next to the set of glass doors,  and the colorful sign above the green bench with a pair of hands taking the Lotus Mudra. (This is a special gesture often done at the beginning of the yoga class to signify offering your intention for practicing to something greater.)

You then go through a maze- through the two glass doors, up the stairs, through another blue door, down the hallway, through the lobby and finally you’ve arrived. And arriving is truly the goal. In the practice, we want to leave the outside world at the door and give ourselves permission, if just for the next hour, to arrive and breathe, to enjoy moving and having a human body!

Before and after the practice, there are book shelfs with lots of esoteric yoga teachings, both by the sofa in the lobby and outside the bathroom door. There are lots of cozy nooks and crannies- with extra sofas and hidden meditation caves.  

In the main yoga room, images of chakras and yogis in meditation are painted on the wall.

And you might just meet a sweet red headed baby and a dog.

When you take class, your instructor is friendly, curious, and thorough in her description of the postures and what you might experience.

When it’s all over, your heart is a little warmer, your muscles are a little more open and your mind is a little more clear and optimistic.  

And maybe it’s just 1% better.

But 1% begets 2%.

And 2% is sustainable. You believe it. You love it. You feel it.

Before you know it, 2% becomes 10%.

And then your whole body is transformed. And your whole mind is transformed. And everything you do feels brighter and more purposeful.

That is my hope for you in joining this community.

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