Meditation, Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras, Visualization, Chakras, Lucid Dreaming, Nutrition, Ayurveda, 81 Facets of the Mind, Energy Anatomy, and The Artist's Way. We offer Mind Arts classes in 8, 12, and 16 week semester formats.





In this course you will learn about the subtle body as well as its counterparts in the physical body. The main focus of this course will be the seven chakra energy centers located within the spinal cord. The purpose of this course is to energize the chakra centers in order to bring healing to the physical, mental and emotional bodies. We will do this through postures, breath work, chanting and self-study exercises. This is a great way to re-examine yourself, your body and your beliefs and create something different in your life!



8 Week Course Begins Summer 2020 

Meditation is the process of going within. It is taking one-pointed concentration and limiting the amount of thoughts during the process. As we deepen this process, concentration moves into meditation, which is direct experience of the object concentrated on. This may sound complicated, but using classical, Ashtanga yoga techniques will help you gain results faster. Through sense withdrawal and pranayama exercises, the meditator will have the tools to neutralize thoughts in the mind and experience a different reality within. By going within, meditation will not only affect the meditators inner life, but will affect the outer life as well. Many studies are published about reduced anxiety and nervousness, increased thickness of gray matter in the brain, and feelings of positivity and happiness throughout the day.

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We hold the study of Holy Works in the highest regard and endeavor to see threads through all of them in universal themes, anecdotes, and teachings. The Bhagavad Gita looks at how the journey and teachings of Krishna are applicable to the modern person. The interpretations we use are meant to be applicable to everyday life. They are meant to uplift the student and expand the mind in creative ways. The Yoga Sutras looks at Patanjali's definitive work on Yoga. Detailed steps are given for those who wish to prepare themselves in experiencing Samadhi, or Superconsiousness.



8 Week Course Begins Fall 2020

Visualization is the holding of one image or a series of images with the mind. It is not stagnant for we’re dealing with something subtle, thoughts. Each moment we have the opportunity to direct our attention where we want it through our willpower. Each moment is an individual picture in mind. Even the holding of one image is a series of the same image. By holding the same frame, the same image, the mind is redirected inward. This is the key to understanding the desires we have as individuals. Through practice, we can learn how the visualization process works, how to manifest what we want, and take action steps to live a fulfilling life.

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8 Week Course Begins Winter 2020

Have you ever been dreaming and become aware that you were dreaming? How did this feel? What did you do? Did you fly, move through walls, talk to old relatives or did you wake up as soon as you became lucid? To be lucid in a dream symbolizes the ability to be lucid in waking life. Lucid dreaming is also a skill that can be learned. Some of the most ancient cultures teach their children this art with the hopes they will better know themselves. Lucid dreaming is not a common experience. Often, people have never heard of it. This course will give you tools to make lucid dreaming a spiritual practice.

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 8 Week Course Begins February 14th, 2019

Ever wonder how to make your meditation practice more mindful? In this eight week series we will explore how to do just that by learning various forms of meditation that work with our thoughts, emotions, sensations, sounds, visuals, and movement. By noticing these things while we meditate, we slow down the thought process and tune into our bodies and breath in a way that feels natural. Thus creating for a very intriguing meditative experience and a spacious body and mind. We will practice 20 minutes of gentle yoga to stretch out the back and hips to make sitting more comfortable. Then practice a guided meditation for 30 minutes. The last 10 minutes of class we will chat about our experience.

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12 Week Course Begins January 2021

The Artist's Way is more than a book by Julia Cameron. It is a life-changing 12 week course that will breath life into your innermost creative side. It will also help you develop spiritual practices such as meditation, facing fears, writing (lots of it), and interacting with your inner child. Incredible in scope and depth, be prepared for a journey you will look back on and say, "There, that's when I discovered what I was capable of." 

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8 Week Course Begins Summer 2020

Let your mind and body THRIVE through time tested habits that improve energy, cultivate inner alignment, and aid you to create the life you want.