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5 Reasons to Wake Up Early

Woman smiling and happy for her early morning walk.

From soccer training in college to meditation and yoga, I have found I am at my best when established in an early morning routine.

Here are 5 ways early morning routines impact my life:

1. Circadian rhythm. This is a more recent finding in science but stretches back across the ages. Establishing a healthy circadian rhythm is as important as eating healthy and exercising.

A circadian rhythm is a 24 hour cycle that helps our bodies function properly. A life that is not established in certain routines throws this off balance. A person's body can then become confused as to when it should eat, sleep, exercise, work, rest, etc.

2. Meditation. This sets up my day. Without this, my mind is often unclear and I can experience nervous energy. Meditation helps clear out the junk in my mind. It also helps establish purpose for the activity I'm about to perform.

3. Exercise. Finding time to exercise can be an excuse for not doing it. If you wake up early enough, there is no excuse. Television is not good in the early morning. No one wants to talk to you. Your email can take a back seat.

This is your time. Much like meditation, exercise plays a role of positivity in your life. Not only aiding the body to function better, it can help with confidence, willpower, and charisma.

4. Getting more done. When I wake up early, I start the day with what is most important to me. I then continue down the line.

If I wake up at 5 am rather than 8 am, I have given myself 3 more hours to work with. Most people, if needed, could get an 8 hour work day done in less than 3 hours.

5. Establishing new habits. Healthy habits are the most important aspect of a successful life. Read any biography on anyone who did anything.

New habits are often ones we don't want. Often, we get excited about something new and two weeks later are done with it.

Ending thoughts: Set your alarm clock an hour earlier than normal. Make a list of things you wish you would have completed the night before. Make a list of things you will do the next day.

Start your next day with an early morning, completing some of the things you wished you completed yesterday. This might be exercising, it might be meditation, or yoga, or studying for an exam, or writing, or something else.

The other list of things will help direct your mind so your body knows how to act the next day. It will also help with sleep.

It takes 66 days to make a habit. I believe waking up early can become a habit in a week. The first 3 or 4 days can be rough. Kick yourself to wake up early. After this period, your body should be used to it.

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