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Yoga Teacher

Virginia Myers

Virginia has practiced yoga for eight years. While she initially came to yoga for the physical benefits, she quickly began experiencing healing in all areas of her life. Through movement of the body and attention to her breath, she experienced a more focused and calm state of mind which not only eased her anxiety but also transformed how she interacted with and saw the world. 


Because of this, she developed a thirst to go deeper into the exploration of yoga and her own mind and body. This led her to Yoga Teacher Training at Elemental Yoga where she explored a deeper understanding of asana, meditation and breathwork and continued to experience radical changes in her life outside of the studio. 


Virginia truly believes that as we feed and develop our inner states of mind, body and spirit, the outer world inevitably responds to these changes. She graduated from Elemental Yoga’s 500 hours Yoga Teacher Training in January 2021 and is so excited to share the life-changing benefits of yoga with others. 

In addition to teaching yoga, Virginia works as a landscape designer, combining her knowledge of plants with her artistic nature to design beautiful and creative gardens. A few of her many loves include music, herbalism, gardening, sunsets, reading and good food!

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