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Meditation Lengthens Your Telomeres (and about Yoga Teacher Training)

Yoga Teacher Training isn’t just about creating a vocation, it’s about establishing positive habits that will enrich your life until the day you die. And, it might just elongate how far away that day is.

Have you heard of telomeres? Telomeres are the caps at the end of your DNA strands. They protect your chromosomes. Without this protection, the DNA strands are damaged and the cells quit functioning properly.

During the regular aging process, the length of telomeres gradually decreases. The shorter the telomere is, the more subject the body is to sickness and decay. The longer the telomere is, the healthier the body.

Research has shown a positive correlation between meditation and telomere length. This means we can prolong our lives through the stress-reducing techniques of Yoga.

Building a regular meditation practice isn’t easy, but it’s something we build together throughout the training program. As a student, you will receive the accountability to stay regular in your practice. You will also learn how to lead your future students in meditation.

Learning to teach is useful not only because you will be a teacher, it’s useful because it forces you to recycle the information through your brain in a way that brings it to life.

Not only will you learn how to meditate, you’ll learn the ins and outs of Yoga postures: cueing, modifications, sequencing, warm ups, counterposes, musculature, and energetic distribution.

You will learn how to navigate your own unfolding health journey- how to deal with cramps, digestive issues, menstruation, arthritis, stress management, etc- just through moving and breathing in a particular way.

Yoga is a spiritual practice, a spiritual practice that informs and expands upon any spiritual tradition. This is because it deals with the mechanism of having a human body and mind. It shows us how to keep the body vital and how to train the mind to desire good and virtuous things.

Teacher Training is a transformational experience that sneaks in the back door. You come to learn a few poses. You leave having opened the door to a new universe of understanding.

Learn more about Yoga Teacher Training here.

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