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Free Zoom Yoga for Non-Profits

Since March 19th, the question of what really matters in life has frequented my mind. When all non-essential businesses shut down, my daily obsession with work was momentarily put on the shelf. 

I began seeing the previous, insidious value structures I had internalized around hard work in a new light. It was safe for me to stop judging my worth, if only for a moment, through outer success. Never had it been so crystal clear that community value doesn’t look like recognition or high student numbers.

I saw the pursuit of monetary success as a distraction, a distraction from giving in more meaningful ways. It meant time chasing the future instead of embracing the people standing in front of me.

As our physical business closed, Zoom began. My attention centered on the students already enrolled in our courses and trainings. Both I and my students found the time spent studying and practicing Yoga as a reprieve from the daily Covid statistics.  

I found myself tapping into latent desires: I finished a self-paced Ayurveda course from the year prior, I established a new habit of lifting weights, and I renewed my lifelong love of swimming. The first two months of shelter in place were quite magical. 

Then businesses slowly started reopening. Michael and I asked if it was time to reopen Elemental. George Floyd was murdered. Protests broke out. Varied perspectives emerged from both the black and white communities.

I watched heartbreaking movies like Just Mercy and asked myself what I could do. I saw people working tirelessly for what was right. I thought to myself, I would like to help those people.

I knew what I was good at and I knew my skills could help. I knew Yoga Studios could be intimidating, that Yoga could seem gratuitous. But it's not. It's essential for nervous system and stress regulation. I decided I would offer Yoga, breath-work, and meditation freely to non-profit organizations.

So...I am now offering free online yoga classes to any non-profit that is interested. Please, if you know a company that would like this service, get in contact with me or send them my information:

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