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Adding Psychology to the Yoga Mix

Because Yoga is a living, breathing tradition, it evolves through the experimentation of its practitioners. In regards to the chakras, it is only in the past thirty years that Yogis have integrated a modern psychological perspective. I believe psychology more than anything else can help advance the development of Yoga as a holistic science. Why?

Transcendent awareness has been the goal of Yoga for thousands of years. Yoga teaches how to reach this experience through the vehicle of the body. It historically addresses ways to cultivate bodily health as well as methods of easing mental suffering. 

For the multitudes, transcendence is a distant goal. Without having a clear road map of how to get from where one is to where one  wants to be, the result is a self-deceptive, self-perpetuated loop in which the practitioner denies or suppresses where they are and affirms where they want to be (without getting there). 

To be sure, one’s outlook on life improves tremendously over time through the road map Yoga provides. However, Yoga’s roadmap doesn’t distinctly show how to deal with the darkness. If we could combine Yoga’s roadmap to the light with shadow work, it is possible to expedite personal and spiritual growth exponentially. 

Insert a modern perspective on the chakras. Chakras are wheels of energy which contain within them intelligent patterns that guide the functions of the body and the movements of the mind. When childhood and adulthood development are relatively untarnished, the chakra centers are healthy, the body is in good health, and the individual is confident and autonomous. 

If childhood is traumatic, psychic scars form thus filtering our perception of reality. Well, no one gets out of childhood unharmed. So each of us must face this filtered psychic scarring to some degree. 

The very thing chakra evolution consists of is unveiling and healing childhood and adulthood wounds, increasing physical and mental health and unlocking human potential. Chakra work combines shadow work with the healing tools of breath, mantra, meditation, asana, self-reflection and compassion.  The chakras provide a user-friendly framework for us to assess where we are and get cracking on the parts of ourselves that need work. 

This eight week chakra course will include chakra development theory  as well as healing practices that address both mind and body for each chakra. Each week a different chakra will be covered. Chakras will be examined both individually and as a collective unit. I would be honored for you to join this course!

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