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Nutrition for a Yogi: The Momentum of Choice

All choices run off of the momentum of previous choices. A cluster of good choices render good results. For example, eating well, meditating, sleeping soundly and planning out the next day the night before can make life flow effortlessly. This momentum also works in the opposite direction. A late night party, donuts in the morning and a foggy mind can temporarily push one away from health toward complacency.

The feeling of success is contagious, not just to other people but from one area of your life to another. Success cannot be defined from someone else's perspective; we have to decide it for ourselves. I associate success with a feeling of contentment for who I am and what I have to give to the world. This comes when I feel connected with my innate potential.

We feel like our Real Self when we are feeling and doing our best work. Many coaches talk about a cornerstone habit, one that turns the tides. If we are doing it, all is well in the world. If we are not doing it, everything goes to heck. My cornerstone habit is nutrition. When I eat like a champion, I play like a champion across the spectrum of life’s game.

Teaching the nutrition class last spring was a massive springboard for me. There are times when I feel on top of the world. It is in those times I carve a path for myself. And when I fall, which I always do, I can still follow the vision I saw at the peak in life’s valleys.

I am honored to lead another round of the Nutrition for a Yogi Course starting on November 6th. This time the course will be online via phone and the interwebs. Anyone who wholeheartedly implements this plan will see considerable gains across multiple sections of their life.

Check out a few testimonials below:

“I highly recommend everyone to enroll in the Nutrition for a Yogi class who is committed to feeling better. This course will aid in improving your health, discovering which foods makes your body feel sluggish or bloated, what causes low energy, headaches and/or weight gain.

Brynn has researched the science of the foods we eat have and how they affect the body. I liked the one hour class. Each week Brynn researched the materials and provided handouts consisting of weekly guidelines of which foods to eat and which foods to avoid.

I also liked the group support and making myself accountable. I lost ten pounds and now feel much better. The nutritional plan we studied is easy to incorporate into a busy lifestyle. Six months have passed and I am still following the nutrition plan. Sometimes I wander off for a day or weekend but I return to my nutritional plan shortly.”

-Emelia Hoefle


“I participated in Brynn’s “Nutrition for a Yogi” last spring and it completely changed my relationship with food! I’ll admit, I wasn’t sure I could follow through with all the steps in the diet. In the first few weeks, I was met with some resistance in my body.

After that, everything changed. My cravings diminished and I had increasingly more energy and mental clarity. I felt like the program really brought an awareness into what I eat and why. I also learned a lot about my body and what goes on in relationship to diet. This class can benefit anyone and everyone for a wide variety of reasons!”

-Virginia Brown


“The Nutrition for a Yogi class at Elemental Yoga Studio was one of the best things I have done in my life. I was overweight and needed to lose at least ten pounds. During the program, I lost twelve pounds and after the class was over I lost five more pounds for a total of seventeen pounds. It was incredibly easy and enjoyable because I could eat whatever I liked based on a planned program that added many healthy foods (that I previously ignored) into my daily diet.

The best result of this class was that my sleep disorder got resolved. Before the course, I always woke up tired like I hadn’t slept at all. After the course began, my sleep got better, and I began waking feeling fresh. It also helped my acid reflux because I became aware of what was hurting my body and what was helping it.

What is more important than caring about the health of the only body I have? After months, I am still implementing the nutritional protocol I learned in this class, and I recommend it to all my friends. Thank you Brynn for being such a nice and professional instructor. I learned a lot from you and I am so grateful.”

-Leila Mahmoudi

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