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Ayurveda Cleanse Day 6

Things I am learning or remembering:

1) Instead of drinking chai or some other beverage throughout the afternoon, drink it just at breakfast and just at dinner. This allows for there to be a break from ingesting calories into the body. And the body can begin burning off the food that it ate at lunchtime.

2) If I feel unsure what is an appropriate portion size, (i.e. my eyes are too big for my stomach, but I still eat all the food that gets on my plate anyway) then I can ask my meal partner to serve my food for me. This worked really well today.

This is the second to last day of the initial phase of the cleanse. That means I should enjoy nuts, grains and milk based chai now!


Milk Based Chai


  1. Butternut squash soup with sauteed onions and broccoli, kale greens

  2. Quinoa Oatmeal Mix

  3. Kale salad with beet and apple

  4. Dressing: Tomato, honey, balsamic vinegar, walnut oil, liquid amino acids


Simple Soup

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