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Ayurveda Cleanse Day 3

We are still easing into the cleanse, allowing the body to enjoy healthy and delicious foods. In this stage we are retaining all the flavor and healthy, building foods like rice and beans. Simultaneously enjoying the benefit of having more energy because the energy zappers gluten, cheese and processed foods are out of the equation. It is helpful to stay the course by reconnecting with your intention for eating clean in the first place.

As I consider and reconsider my intentions for cleansing, I visualize how this process will affect me on all levels. Yoga therapy describes five “bodies” that make up every individual. The outermost layer is the physical body, annamaya kosha, then the energy body, pranamaya kosha, mental-emotional body, manomaya kosha, intellectual body, vijnanamaya kosha, and bliss-spiritual body, anandamaya kosha.

I find it extremely difficult to function effectively, efficiently and kindly when my health has been compromised. I will qualify that: sometimes an acute condition arises that has the potential to blow me out of my comfort zone and bring me to a space of humility and proper perspective. Conversely, if I feel bad every day and I have low energy, low self-esteem, and a poor body image, I am a shell of myself.

Life is exquisitely mysterious. On reflecting I see that how I get from one phase of life to another is a result of a series of choices. If those choices generally favor my long term health and continued development as a human being, I find myself in enjoyable and uplifting circumstances.

This seems obvious. What wasn’t immediately obvious to me was that a series of seemingly insignificant choices that perpetuate the status quo can and will result in very painful circumstances. In other words, one doesn’t even have to make bad choices to be unhappy. They simply have to make average choices.

The soul yearns to be heard, felt and understood. Mediocre choices don’t facilitate this connection. Therefore every single day that I continue the momentum of mediocre choices, I drive myself further away from the voice of the soul. After a period of time, I could wake up and discover that I am absolutely miserable. Why? I wasn’t follow life robotically. I was born to uncover the soul hidden inside the clothing of the body.

This is what’s really at stake when I cleanse. I am removing the layers of toxicity within my cells that block the natural intelligence of the soul from shining through. Each day as I make my lunch, I hold in mind the image of becoming more connected with the innate goodness of the soul.

I encourage you to reflect on how cleansing will increase access to your truth. And check out below meal suggestions for Day 3.


Milk chai with black tea, cardamom, saffron and ginger.

Lunch: (Some of the recipes that I have included with an online link include dairy and sugar in the recipe. You can eliminate these ingredients altogether or switch them out with honey or a nut milk alternative.)

  1. Turmeric basmati rice with raisins

  2. Cooked in butter and “Brynn’s everything spice.”

  3. Potato/sweet potato based soup

  4. With sauteed carrots, onion and spinach cooked in ghee.


  6. Cucumber and onion vinegar salad.


  8. Apple Slices for dessert.


Simple soup: Carrot, celery, and chard boiled in water.

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