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Day 1 Ayurveda Cleanse

Ayurveda means “the wisdom of living.” What makes this medicinal approach stand apart is that it is designed to be adapted to each person based on their constitution, stage of life and the season of the year.

The first way to apply this principle to a cleanse is to recognize that you need to be the one to create your own parameters. I am going to share my parameters with you but you may decide that you need to shift things around to suite your needs.

When deciding to enter into a cleanse, there are a few very important things:

1. Create an intention for your cleanse.

2. Determine what you are going to take with you after the cleanse is over.

3. Visualize it from start to finish.

My intention for cleansing:

To feel more energy and function better on less hours of sleep.

What I am going to take with me after the cleanse is over:

1. Greatly reduced consumption of bread and cheese.

2. Greater portion control during lunch time.

The cleanse is divided into three stages:

Stage 1: Days 1-7: In the initial stage, cut out the most unhealthy components of what you regularly consume. In other words, cut out the foods that cost you the most amount of energy to digest: i.e. bread, dairy, fish, meats, sugar, processed foods.

Stage 2: Days 8-14: This is the most austere portion of the cleanse. Not only are the main energy zapping culprits cut out, we also cut out foods that are healthy but have more of a building essence than a cleansing essence. Foods that tend to build include whole grains, nuts and legumes. Foods that tend to cleanse include fruits and vegetables. Healthy oils can be used for cooking. However, it will be good to use oil lightly. In this stage, consume only fruits and vegetables.

Stage 3: Days 15-21: In this stage, you will reintroduce legumes, nuts and grains.

Days 22-40: Take your time and be mindful with reintroducing gluten, dairy and processed foods again.

Tips for a successful cleanse: Especially if you are working, it is good to simplify as much as possible. Plan your meals ahead of time and choose a repetitive meal for breakfast and dinner while exercising creativity during lunchtime.

Week 1 Breakfast suggestions: (I suggest just consuming one of the items below. However, consume more as needed.)

  • Oatmeal

  • Chai

  • Cooked Greens

Week 1 Dinner Suggestions:

  • Simple Soup: cooked vegetables with a simple broth.

  • Mung Dahl soup.

  • A baked potato.

  • Any cooked vegetable with spices.

Week 1 Lunch Suggestions:

  • Cooked Greens, mung dahl soup, baked vegetable.

  • Quinoa, sauteed vegetables, roasted walnuts.

  • Salad, potato soup, basmati rice.

Check back in the next several days for additional meal suggestions, helpful tips for a successful cleanse, and additional self-care techniques you can practice.

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