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Yoga is something I came to my freshman year of college. It presented itself in a time of upheaval and quickly became not just a refuge but also a way of understanding and interpreting life. All people practice Yoga in some way. That is because Yoga is the awakening and the effort to become a better person. For a Yogi, this usually begins through restoring health of the mind and body. When the mind and body become healthier, it gets easier to be a kind person- and to actually mean it. It gets easier to share with the world the unique talents each one of us possesses.

I try, sometimes very poorly, to live Yoga. I do this by reflecting on my thoughts and actions. I do it by continually and gradually training myself to respond to life's circumstances in a better and higher way. Sometimes living Yoga means I can only be truthful, even if it hurts and it doesn't come out right. Sometimes it means I extend compassion. Sometimes it means I am willing to try something in a totally new and different way. 

I say all of this to convey that whoever takes a Yoga Course with me is receiving the whole of my Yoga journey through that course. Yoga is very expansive. In the classroom setting I can only convey so much verbally and instructionally. My prayer is also to convey non-verbally the effort, beauty, surrender and humility of a life of dedicated to something much greater. 

Brynn’s Certifications:

  • Bachelor of Arts from the University of Notre Dame (South Bend, IN) 2008

  • 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training at the Mount Madonna Center (Santa Cruz, CA) 2006

  • 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training in Kundalini Yoga at The Wellness Center (Fort Worth, TX) 2012

  • 500 hr Yoga Teacher Training at the Mount Madonna Center (Santa Cruz, CA) 2010

  • 500 hr Massage Therapy Training at Napa Valley School of Massage (Napa Valley,CA) 2008

  • 500 hr Professional Yoga Therapy Training with Joseph Le Page (Kripalu, MA).2008

  • 1000 hr Professional Yoga Therapy Training with Joseph Le Page (Kripalu, MA) 2014

  • Mastery Of Consciousness Respondere from School of Metaphysics (Windyville, MO) 2014

  • He Who Teaches Learns: Qui Docet Discit from School of Metaphysics (Windyville, MO) 2017

  • 300 hr Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant at American Institute of Vedic Studies (Online) 2020

  • 900 hr Ayurvedic Health Counselor with Joyful Belly (Online) 2022

"Brynn’s dedication to the practice of yoga and her passion for sharing this practice with others shines through in all that she does. Her depth of knowledge about yoga philosophy paired with her years of experience teaching and practicing yoga make her an exceptional teacher who engages the mind, body, and spirit of every student she teaches." Mel Navarro, LMSW RYT, Sr. Project Coordinator at MHMR of Tarrant County and Elemental Yogi

"Brynn's level of understanding and experience with yoga is unparalleled to any teacher I have known in Fort Worth. She models integrity and the heart of the teachings in all that she does. Her teaching style is patient, thorough and methodical."  Analiese Hill, Entrepreneur

"Brynn Byrne (Dardanes) is a wise and intuitive healer with a deep knowledge of Yoga Therapy both in theory and practice. She has the knowledge, skills and energy to lead many to health and healing." Joseph Le Page, Founder of Integrative Yoga Therapy

Utilizing Yoga and Massage Therapy, Brynn can help you feel better fast. She possesses unique talents as a natural healer and therapist. I strongly recommend her to anyone seeking better health." Daniel E. Andrews III M.D., Napa The Heart Clinic of Napa Valley, CA


Brynn's Teaching Schedule
Hatha Yoga: Tuesdays - 5:30 PM 

Therapeutic Yoga: Wednesdays - 9:15 AM

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