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Why Chair Yoga?


I’m Virginia and I teach and practice the beautiful medicine of yoga.

Yoga has so much to offer and there are endless ways to practice and reap life changing benefits. There is one particular face of yoga that, until recently, I had not paid much attention to. That is chair yoga.

It is just what it sounds like, yoga done while sitting in a chair.

Doesn’t sound like much, does it? I assure you, It can mean everything!

I have the pleasure of seeing the many transformational benefits of a yoga practice done sitting in a chair by working one on one with people who have challenges like scoliosis, Parkinson’s, multiple strokes and Osteoporosis. I’m amazed by the healing and the hope that these people have received through a consistent practice of chair yoga.

But chair yoga isn’t just for those facing serious, life-altering challenges. We all need healing in one way or another. We all could ask ourselves “how can I take care of myself a little better and improve my life a little more?”

Consider that chair yoga just might be for you.

There is more than one group of people to consider when discussing this particular form of yoga.

I’ll start with the office worker or the person who is sitting at a desk a good majority of the day.

I think we can all agree that spending 8 hours (give or take) a day sitting at a desk is not really good for your health. You probably have noticed tension in the neck and shoulders and pain in the low back. We also will tend to slump forward which, over time, will overextend the mid/upper back and shorten the chest and hips.

So poor posture sets in and begins to hijack the health and balance of the body and even our mood. Remember, It’s all connected!

In addition to this, the eyes become tired and blurry and tension fills the forehead and creeps into the scalp.

This is just the start of it, our legs don’t get the movement they need and so they become tight and circulation becomes weak.

Maybe you actually do hit the gym or yoga studio before or after work but could benefit from some stretches that you can do in your chair throughout the day to correct posture, release tension in the muscles and even renew tired, achy eyes.

Or your situation may be different. As we progress through life things start showing up in our bodies. It may simply be age related or there may be other challenges in the body that cause pain, stiffness and immobility. Your needs may start to include increase in mobility, better balance, and rebuilding or maintaining strength.

However, a traditional practice done on the floor where you are standing/crouching/kneeling or downdogging just doesn't feel suitable or safe. With chair yoga, you can give your body what it needs without sacrificing comfort, safety or the ability to do it at all. You still get the benefits but with added comfort and support. This is a great way to rebuild a connection and a sense of stability and trust within the body.

Chair yoga can also be for those that would like to ease into the yoga scene and slowly build flexibility, strength, self trust and confidence before joining a traditional yoga class.

You may be a spouse or caregiver of someone who is in need of some stretching and toning and you’d like to know how you can better help them.

Or you could be a yoga teacher that would like to know more about chair yoga and be able to offer some modifications to your class or clients.

I will be leading a chair yoga workshop this coming Saturday July 8th, 2023 and I would love for you to join me. I’ll guide us through poses and stretches that are simple but will leave you feeling more interconnected, stretched out, energized and destressed.

We will also learn a simple breath exercise and mindfulness tool that is a one size fits all for dealing with anxiety and stress, helping you to become present, focused and calm.

Who couldn’t use more of that in their lives!

You have a relationship with your body whether you are conscious of it or not. Some of us ignore or neglect our bodies, or we dislike or don’t trust our bodies.

You can start to heal that relationship, little by little, in small ways.

Small things done repetitively create big changes.

Pay attention to what small things you are choosing repetitively. Choose intentionally.

I hope to see you at the workshop!

In grateful service,


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