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Being and Becoming: The Holographic Universe

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Or Part 1 of How to Find Wonder in Daily Life

Life is a consistent journey of being who we are and becoming that which we were meant to be. The journey of becoming more authentic, more empowered and more connected to our ideals is infinite.

Becoming is a transformational process. It is BOTH the evolution into something greater than we are at present AND the peeling away of that which no longer serves us. The more that gets peeled away, the closer we get to the golden core of who we are.

To support the process of being and becoming, consider the theory of the holographic universe. This says information of a 3D nature can be stored in a 2D surface. In the same way we watch movies that appear to be 3D on the 2D television screen, complex information about the nature of an object is stored on its 2D surface.

Take the example of a leaf: if you tear it in halves or fourths or eighths, it doesn’t matter how fractured the leaf is when you examine its holographic image. When the hologram of the fractured leaf is projected- the whole leaf is seen. The complete library of the leaf’s genetic information is contained within any portion of it.

The holographic theory is also present within modern medical procedures we take for granted. We can learn a tremendous amount about an entire organism just by extracting information from a tiny piece of that organism. When I was thirteen weeks pregnant, the nurse took a sample of my blood. From that sample, she could tell me not only about myself but about the genetic makeup of my growing baby as well as the sex of the child.

Normally we use a genetic test to tell us what kind of diseases we are more likely to develop. Ok, that's fine. It’s putting our mind on survival like we always do as a species. But what if from a blood test we started considering what is possible genetically, spiritually, humanly instead of just considering what may bring us down?

So what is the connection with becoming our ideal self/uncovering the potential inside of us?

We don’t in fact need to see or understand the whole picture of US to realize a piece of what we are capable of. If one small piece of us contains the information about the whole of who we are, it is a tiny indicator of the untapped potential waiting to be awakened.

Let's stop looking at ourselves in such a fragmented way. And stop focusing on our shortcomings (the same way the blood tests do). Instead, let's start focusing on our avatars. Not an avatar that is anything separate from what we are, but the avatar of our next step, be it big or small.

And I don't mean to focus on our ideals in a way that is self-berating, contemplating how far we are from our goals. I mean to focus on our ideal in a way that celebrates the possibility of embodying our highest potential at any moment in time.

Tune into the next blog for the contemplation of what is possible and how to get there!

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