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Join us on an all women's retreat to one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world! As women, we are the source of life and the power of nature to expand and create. 


This generative power can range from childbirth to maintaining the home environment to our careers. This seven day retreat will focus on teachings and practices to help women connect with the inherent joy of creating. Women will be empowered to clarify and take action steps toward their next phase in life. They will also receive a methodology on how to receive the most from what they have in the present.


Participants will receive one-on-one coaching over the course of the retreat as well as weekly group phone calls in the weeks leading up to the retreat. Emphasis will be on diving more deeply into oneself as well as experiencing the confidence that comes with self-knowledge in relationship to others. 

We will cycle our focus from outward - inward - outward over the course of the week.  Daily practices on the retreat will include meditation, yoga asana, teachings from the book "Real Love" by Sharon Salzberg and regular outings into the city. 

This retreat has spaces for eight participants. 

Four person room twin bed: $2700 EB/ $2900 Reg

Four person room shared king bed: $2750 EB/ $2950 Reg

Two person room shared king bed: $3500 EB/ $3700 Reg

Single room king bed: $4900 EB/ $5100 Regular