Monday 6:45-7:45pm


Visualization is the holding of one image or a series of images with the mind. It is not stagnant for we’re dealing with something subtle, thoughts. Each moment we have the opportunity to direct our attention where we want it through our willpower. Each moment is an individual picture in mind. Even the holding of one image is a series of the same image. By holding the same frame, the same image, the mind is redirected inward. This is the key to understanding the desires we have as individuals. Through practice, we can learn how the visualization process works, how to manifest what we want, and take action steps to live a fulfilling life.

Week 1

Visualization Summary/Mechanics 

Finding desires and distractions: Journaling 101


Week 2

Identifying and compartmentalizing desires

Body Relaxation: Beginning step to any visualization process

Importance of action


Week 3

Holding images vs. moving images

Importance of bringing attention to desires throughout the day

Adding emotion


Week 4

Stilling the mind practices

Where do I go after attaining what I want? Learning to apply method over object.


Week 5

Visualization in Meditation

Body relaxation process 201: Numbness, Light, Recharging, and more


Week 6

Discipline and action

Oversaturating a single desire


Week 7

Deeper states of consciousness

Importance of material and immaterial desires - Staying balanced


Week 8 

Emotion and intention - Innate vs. Self-made

Review visualization, desires, deeper levels of visualization, and relaxation processes.

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