This eight week course focuses on the foundations of Ayurveda. The course will address physical health as well as spiritual and psychological health. The course structure is inspired by Julia Cameron's book "The Artist's Way." This means students will engage in daily self-care practices, weekly tasks and weekly Ayurveda dates.


Each week in class students will receive practical Ayurvedic information regarding the three doshas, the seasons of the year and the cycles of life.  Students will receive detoxifying habits designed to put them back in touch with their essential nature. All information is presented in the light of recovering health, creativity and one's inherent nature.  This course is a must for those seeking simultaneous recovery in body and heart! Sign up here.


Topics Covered in This Course:

  1. Discovering Your Dosha

    1. Five elements and Dosha

    2. Effect of the elements on the five koshas

    3. Detoxification through cultivation of healthy habits

  2. Nutrition

    1. Getting down the basics: Whole 30 and Ketogenic dietary plans

    2. The microbiome and probiotics

    3. Water quality

  3. Daily Routine

    1. Behavioral science and habit building

    2. Sleep/wake cycle

    3. Integration of exercise, self-reflection and meditation

    4. Meal timing

  4. Seasonal Adjustments

    1. Diet

    2. Exercise

    3. Sleep patterns

  5. Fasting

    1. Intermittent fasting

    2. Alternate day fasting

    3. Feast Famine Cycling

  6. Cleansing

    1. Vitamins and Herbs

    2. Kitchari Cleanse

    3. Oil pulling

    4. Pancha Karma

    5. Shat Karma

  7. The Science of Exercise

    1. High Intensity Exercise

    2. Glucose Production and fat burning

    3. Basal metabolic rate

    4. Posture

  8. Self-massage

    1. Skin as an organ and nervous system effect

    2. Skin brushing

    3. Grounding and Vitamin D

  9. Meditation

    1. Breathwork

    2. Mantra

    3. One pointed Concentration

    4. Sensory awareness

  10. Creativity

    1. Goals

    2. Artistry

    3. Sleeping Dreams

    4. Journaling