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The Yoga Sutras is a masterful achievement in the science of yoga. This text methodically lays out principles for quieting the mind and living a more enlightened life. The text provides insight into the timeless questions of suffering and the purpose of existence. It's responses are concise and logical. The actual verses of the sutras were condensed in order to easily be memorized by the priestly caste. They were meant to remind a person about specific principles and entire philosophies of thought. This makes it important for the student of the Yoga Sutras to study with a knowledgeable teacher and in depth commentary. ​ The sutras are not only an exquisite and inspiring text, but a practical handbook on how to live more fully, authentically, and contentedly. Whether well-versed in the study of yoga philosophy or interested in exploring for the first time the bigger picture of yoga, please join us to examine this seminal text of the yoga darsana. We will explicate and discuss the sutras word by word, learn to chant them, and discuss the beautiful tools laid out for us by Patañjali to decrease our suffering and create for ourselves the kind of life we hope to live. 


To attend this class, please sign up and send Brynn an email at for the Zoom link. 


This is for a single drop in class. To sign up for the series, inquire with Brynn!

Yoga Sutras Course with Jen

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