Join us for an eight week online visualization course. In this course, you will learn how to move toward the things you want to manifest in your life. 


This includes habit development, meditation techniques, the capacity to visualize, and integration of the anima and animus.


What is visualization?

Visualization is the holding of an image in the mind long enough to see its manifestation. This is a tricky balance between aggressive action and receptive flow principles.


Habit development is the foundation of our practice. Morning and evening routines, self-development techniques, and becoming aware of what we can and can't control are the pillars of our practice. 


Regular meditation aids in the reduction of stress. Living in a constant state of worry is the biggest inhibitor to the manifestation of our goals. Learning how to challenge ourselves in productive and beneficial ways will help us realize our dreams.


Through interaction with your teachers and peers, you'll have accountability with a group of people collectively focused on achieving their goals.


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