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Yoga Private Sessions and Group Classes

Yoga Teacher in front of yoga class.

I go back and forth on what I like best about yoga. In learning, I like to ask questions and get the most of the information presented to me by my teachers.

In teaching, I like to see the light bulb go off in someone's head. This is extremely fulfilling for me. People can learn better in group settings and others learn better one on one.

Here are three differences I see in yoga private sessions and yoga classes with multiple people.

  1. Attention. A yoga teacher is working with multiple levels of students in a class. This means usually the teacher’s attention is on challenging those that need to be challenged and also catering to individuals who are beginners in the practice. The container is bigger, meaning you have to have more objectivity in correcting your own poses. In privates, students are completely catered to. Your practicioner should consult with you in the beginning to figure out your goals, whether you’re in it for a healthy body, to help purify emotions, to gain discipline, to go deeper in your spirituality, breath techniques, meditation, or all of it. These should be reexamined and explored at least every three months to look at where you’ve come from, where you are now, and your goals for the future. A private yoga teacher should help you on your specific needs.

  2. Connection. There are certain people in this world who inspire me. I instantly connect with them because I have similar ideas, beliefs, and goals. If you tried yoga in Fort Worth years ago but didn’t like it, I highly suggest giving it another go. Yoga in DFW has expanded tremendously. The past 10 years has led to an influx of yoga studios. There are so many great options to choose from. The important thing is to test out certain studios that seem attractive and decide which type of teaching you resonate with the most. Hot Yoga is a great workout and you may love it. Vinyasa Flow is great way to gain muscle tone and incredible flexibility. Kundalini Yoga will get your breathing going and has a neat tradition. Hatha Yoga will help you go deeper than the poses themselves, allowing more breath to enter the body and purify emotions. Ashtanga Yoga is eight limbed and leads into practices such as pranayama (breathing techniques), one-pointed concentration, and meditation.

  3. Finding your yoga instructor. You will most likely want to keep practicing yoga at first because you resonate with your yoga teacher. I’m not saying this necessarily changes, as everyone wants a great yoga teacher. After this, you may feel you are attracted to the sangha, or spiritual community. Choose one you like and give yourself the experience. I wasn’t actively looking for a community at first. I wanted to learn meditation. But, I learned the importance of community along the way of fulfilling different interests and teaching other people. Sangha helps stay accountable to goals and practices that will benefit you. Without accountability, new, healthy habits take a back seat and normal programming persists.

I would love to hear your thoughts on private yoga sessions and yoga classes.

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