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Fun with Almond Milk: Cleanse Day 10

I found a good recipe online and I have been making almond milk for the past three days with my chai. I have always thought that almond milk chai was lame but that was because I wasn't homemaking it!!

The original recipe calls for:

* 1 Cup almonds soaked overnight and rinsed

* 4 cups water

* 2 Dates

* Honey to the taste

* A pinch of salt

Equipment needed is a super fine strainer and/or a cheese cloth and a blender.


1) Combine almonds, water and dates in a blender at high speed for two minutes.

2) Strain using a cheese cloth

3) Add honey to the taste.

It is yummy! You can use the almond paste for shakes and in baking!

All ingredients combine here.

Strain into a new container.

This is what your cheese cloth will look like after the fact. I had to keep rinsing it. I couldn't just pour in one take.

This is the ingredients for the chai: ginger, black tea and cardamom.

This is the leftover almond paste. I am going to try to make more almond milk with this and see what happens!!

Good Luck!!

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