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Monday 6:45-7:45pm


Have you ever been dreaming and become aware that you were dreaming? How did this feel? What did you do? Did you fly, move through walls, talk to old relatives or did you wake up as soon as you became lucid? To be lucid in a dream symbolizes the ability to be lucid in waking life. Lucid dreaming is also a skill that can be learned. Some of the most ancient cultures teach their children this art with the hopes they will better know themselves. Lucid dreaming is not a common experience. Often, people have never heard of it. This course will give you tools to make lucid dreaming a spiritual practice.

Week 1 

Dream journals 

Relaxation techniques with emphasis on putting the body to sleep


Week 2 

Checkpoints/Talisman techniques



Week 3

Body Re-energization techniques (spirals, brushing, and pipe-cleaners) 

Controlling emotion


Week 4

Adding concentration techniques (trataka) 



Week 5

Back to sleep technique 

Setting tasks for ourselves in our dream journals: "I will wake up in my dream tonight and fly."


Week 6

Exploring the dream:


-Walking through walls

-Visualizing what you want

-Asking people questions as a means of spiritual development


Week 7

Group dreaming, entering into a dream from an awake state (moving through the picture/image in mind), and beyond lucid dreaming and into astral projection.


Week 8 

Review and refine relaxation and body re-energization techniques, dream journals, concentration techniques, exploration, and tasks.

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