Monday 6:45-7:45pm

Elemental Meditation II

Elemental Meditation II is an 8 week course for intermediate and advanced meditators. Here we will look into the nuances of meditation. *Elemental Meditation I must be completed in order to participate in this course.


By using our senses, what we have used since birth, we already have a grasp into our meditation process. We turn our "searchlights" (taste, touch, smell, sound, and sight) inward toward what's happening in our body.


Referred to as "body awareness", the practice of this technique moves beyond the body into the astral realms. This is where the consciousness goes when one is sleeping.


As we are able to integrate into our waking life the understandings gained through conscious awareness in the astral realms, we develop the ability to move into the causal realm. 


Here lies Superconsciousness, a state of all-knowing, all-seeing, and all-being. It is what is referred to as the opening of the spiritual eye. One-pointed concentration (dharana) leads into meditation (dhayana) which leads into samadhi (superconsciousness). This is what we will explore in this course. 


Below is a curriculum for Elemental Meditation II:


Week 1 

Pranayama - 4 Purifications

Sense Withdrawal and the Subtle Body - Identifying and following your strongest sense



Week 2

Pranayama - Review 4 Purifications

One-Pointed Concentration - Two Fold Teaching



Week 3

Pranayama - Bhastrika

Using One-Pointed Concentration to focus attention on strongest sense



Week 4

Pranayama - Brahmarandra

Visualization and the Importance of Emotion



Week 5

Pranayama - Sihit Kumbakha

Purification - Tra Tak



Week 6

Pranayama - Refinement of the 4 Purifications

One-Pointed Concentration on Object



Week 7

Pranayama - Refinement of Bhastrika, Brahmarandra, and Sihit Kumbakha

Using Concentration and Visualization to Focus on Light



Week 8

Full Pranayama Set

Review Sense Withdrawal, Concentration, Meditation, and Philosophy behind entering Samadhi


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