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Yoga Teacher


Charlie Guajardo first found yoga in high school. This initiated his lifelong fascination of the esoteric. He began practicing meditation and yoga, benefitting from their calming and grounding effects. In college he continued exploring through the study of metaphysics, meditation and the healing arts.


In 2017 he completed his 200-hr yoga teacher training here at Elemental Yoga and is currently working towards his 500-hr certification. Yoga has transformed his life through cultivating the ability to connect and center within himself in any situation.  He enjoys incorporating breathwork and healing arts techniques into yoga.


In addition to being a yoga teacher, he is also a Licensed Massage Therapist and Energy Worker. He specializes in holistic health and pain management. Charlie loves applying this mind-body approach not only to his work but also to his life.


Charlie's Teaching Schedule:

Finding Your Flow: Saturdays - 11:00AM